Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reading the Photo #1

Describe it.

1) Look at this photograph. What observations can you make about it?
The man in the yellow shirt seems almost photoshopped into the photo. While everyone on the left has the right coloration, the man in the yellow shirt seems brighter and blurrier, almost giving him that appearance of "he doesn't belong here."

2) How would you describe the place depicted in this photograph?
Everyone seems almost out of place as a whole, but they belong where they are split. For example, the man in the yellow shirt is wearing a brighter shirt, and his side of the photo seems to be brighter and more colorful. While on the other side, the group of people are all wearing not as vibrant colors, and are thus on the more grey side of the photo.

Relate it.

1) What does this photograph remind you of?
Adversity. Accepting yourself and breaking away from the mainstream.

2) What interests you most about this work of art?
I really like how the man with the more vibrant clothing is in a brighter, more vibrant surrounding.

Analyze it.

1) What is closer to you? Further away?
The yellow-shirted man is closer to the viewer, while the other people seem to be following behind him.

2) What makes this photograph look crowded?
Everyone in the photo is surrounded by water, giving that sort of island feel to it, despite the train tracks that continue behind them.

Interpret it.

1) What title would you give this photograph?
"Hardship with a 70% chance of showers"

2) Pretend you are in this photograph. What does it feel like?
It feels like it's going to rain.

Evaluate it.

1) What do you think is good about this photograph? What is not so good?
I think that separation of the yellow-shirted man and the rest of the group is good. How the shirted-man looks in the photo, however, could use work.

2) Why do you think other people should see this photograph?
To weigh in on their interpretations on this photo and the story they come up with.

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